Videos say Rahul Gandhi and his friends raped Sukanya

February 11, 2007

Though ezBoard apologised to Rahul Gandhi , hosted some video interviews which are shocking and a petition for complete investigation into these allegations .


2 Responses to “Videos say Rahul Gandhi and his friends raped Sukanya”

  1. Radhika said

    If rahul Gandhi and company “categorically, specifically and unequivocally assert that each and every allegation, insinuation, innuendo and accusation in your publication is totally false, untrue and baseless.” Then he should ask CBI to prove the truth .

  2. Radhika said

    “This might be very true, In chhattisgarh we have been hearing that Daughter of Ajit Jogi was made pregnant by Rahul Gandhi and when she ask Rahul to marry her , he refused and ultimately she commited suicide. it is a well known fact that no postmortem was carried out on Ajit Jogi’s Daughter’s body and she burried in Indore immediately. when Jogi became Chief minister of Chhattisgarh. he got daughter’s body exhumed from Indore and re-buried in Gourela in Bilaspur distrcit of Chhattisgarh.

    I am not surprised that Rahul was again involved in a Rape case “

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